Drives-U-Crazy-Logo (1)Driving a very quiet electric Nissan LEAF offers an entirely fresh perspective on driving, particularly when it comes to interactions with pedestrians.

I’m used to seeing smart phone texters walking out onto the road without even looking up, relying on their hearing to warn them of oncoming vehicles.

Boy, do they freak when they suddenly encounter a silent LEAF at the corner!

What drives-u-crazy?

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2 thoughts on “Drives-U-Crazy: Silent, Maybe Deadly

    Chloe Seguin says:

    What dives me crazy is people talking about electric cars like they do not produce any emissions. The real truth is that they do not produce much in the way of local emissions. But if you think that “power comes from a hole in the wall” then one should be careful of what is written for the readers consumption. The phrase should read ZERO LOCAL EMISSIONS.
    Chloe Seguin, Vic BC

    Raff says:

    There are other ways other than plugging in to charge. For example solar or wind and others that have yet to be discovered.

    Change is very hard for most people,the unknown like ” what if this happens or that happens?” The way to embrace change is to do some independent research, educate yourselves, adapt and not be afraid to explore and discover new things that can be beneficial long term. I see it too often when people driving internal combustion engine vehicles pulled over to the side of the road because the car ran out of gas hmmm. Range anxiety with electric cars that people can’t seem to overcome, obviously electric or gas powered vehicles, the driver has to use common sense to plan their route, pay attention to the fuel or power display gauges to get from point A to point B. I’d like to point out how the mass has accepted the technological changes in the telecommunications devices. From the corded rotary phone, then to the touch tone phone, the over size brick cordless cell phone, flip phone, i phone, android, knock offs so on and so forth and yet we’re still driving cars that run on fossil fuels hmmm,seems like the attitude is what’s holding some of us back to accomplish certain goals in life.

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