Drives-U-Crazy-Logo (1)A potentially bad head day seems to be preferable to a bad hair day for many cyclists. Helmetless cyclists appear to outnumber those that don head protection this spring.

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Drives-U-Crazy-Logo (1)They should rename the curb lane the cab lane.

Even when there is room to pass on the left it seem the taxi driver’s choice is to zoom down the curb lane and try to cut in at the last second when they come up against a parked car.

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One of the biggest traffic beefs expressed by readers is about left turners who won’t move out into the intersection.

Doing so, enables at least two cars and perhaps three to make the turn at the light change, which reduces frustration. The other day I saw a police car barely straddle the crosswalk, refusing to move out. What hope is there?

What drives-u-crazy?

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Drives-U-Crazy-Logo (1)Pulled up at the lights in the second lane of a busy three-lane road the other day to find myself boxed in by telephonic transgressors.

To my left, a middle-aged man was having an animated discussion on his hand-held cell, while to my right a young woman was not only chatting but peering closely at her eyeliner in the rearview mirror. Then behind me, I spied a fast-approaching Bimmer: thank goodness, he didn’t need his hands to brake because he too looked like he was tearing a strip off somebody on his phone!

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Drives-U-Crazy-Logo (1)Sitting at a roadside java joint, I overheard a man arguing with a police officer about a ticket issued for illegally passing on the right.

He had passed a row of three cars on a wide single lane and bolted at the light, cutting in sharply at the other side of the intersection. It was such a pleasure to behold because it happens so infrequently – the booking for such an annoying practice, that is!

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Drives-U-Crazy-LogoIntersections are where roads cross.


Well, it seems many drivers don’t know that, because they frequently block intersections where major roads meet with minor neighbourhood streets in contravention of local bylaws.

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Drives-U-Crazy-LogoWhen driving in heavy rainfall please spare a thought for pedestrians on the sidewalk and avoid passing through pooled water at high speed!

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Drives-U-Crazy-LogoWhen the snow falls, watch out for drivers who couldn’t be bothered to sweep the white stuff from the roof of their car before setting out in the morning.

They are a danger to themselves and other road users. When the car heats up that snow generally slides down in a block over their windshield causing one-car white out conditions, long enough for them to collide with you!

What drives-u-crazy?

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Drives-U-Crazy-LogoFailing to stop at a sign is an offence that offends many motorists without the ability to mind read.

Who knows if the miscreants are going to stop or not as you pass?

But what about those strange folks who timidly stop at every crossroads in the neighbourhood even when they face no stop sign but crossing traffic does? (more…)

Drives-U-Crazy-LogoAs kids we were always told to dress for the weather, so how about adding the state of darkness/daylight to that piece of wisdom?

I can’t believe the number of darkly-dressed pedestrians who jump out from the curb in the pouring rain on these fall nights when it gets dark so early. (more…)

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