drive-u-crazy-logoAn early morning drive from Kelowna to Vancouver is normally a pleasurable experience.

But a recent a jaunt was made much less so by an erratic driver, whose actions required all fellow travellers to watch his antics with great care and attention. The young guy at the wheel of a late model Honda CR-V constantly changed speed, below and beyond the posted speed limit.If he wasn’t passing and cutting in too early, he was inexplicably reducing his speed and dropping back in the passing lane.

Thank goodness, he pulled off at Merritt. What drives-u-crazy.

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9 thoughts on “Drives-U-Crazy… Erratic drivers.

    Frank says:

    I hate drivers that get into the passing lane on the freeway then match the exact speed of the car beside them – effectively preventing anyone getting around them. I don’t know if this is a deliberate way to control the speed of others on the road, or just complete lack of situational awareness but either way drives me crazy.

    Tannis says:

    The “sense of entitlement” that drivers seem to have while getting from A to B. We all have somewhere we need to be, usually by a certain time. A message to these drivers: slow down, don’t cut others off, don’t butt in line, wait your turn, and most importantly… learn some patience.

    Don says:

    Hey highway mergers, it’s much easier and safer to enter the highway off of an entry ramp going at a speed
    equal to posted speed. In other words, entering at 40 mph or 60km on a 100 km highway is DUMB.
    And while you are at it, STAY in the right lane unless passing. DUH.

    candy says:

    It makes me a crazy when a driver putts along in the left lane only to cut across lanes to exit. [Ha, like BC has more than two]
    Plus what’s with drivers that don’t move over for people entering the highway from a ramp?

    Dave says:

    The beautiful scenery here in BC is a major distraction (especially for a guy from Ontario). Can you blame people for slowing down to look? Every time you honk your horn at some driver putting along – consider it a compliment towards your postcard perfect province. 🙂

    Stephan Krieg says:

    What “Drives Me Crazy” is vehicles not pulling up to the stop bar or leaving huge gaps between vehicles.This makes the line at traffic lights unnecessarily long.

    DriveSmartBC says:

    What drives me crazy is reading ill considered responses from drivers who want to go faster and faster. One of their favourite quotes is that it isn’t speed that is the problem, it’s the speed differential. Well, those of us that can have to share the road with those of us that can’t. Raising speed limits may contribute to that differential as new drivers, older drivers and less capable drivers rightly choose slower speeds for safety. We can’t expect them to speed up and overdrive their capabilities so we need to moderate ours.

    Stephan Krieg says:

    What “Drives Me Crazy” is people entering a crosswalk after the walk signal. Doing so makes it difficult for vehicles attempting a right turn on a green.

    ty says:

    I cannot stand Kelowna people driving slowly in the passing lane (hammer lane). Also, please use the merge lane and merge 1:1 at the last second, and at full spedd, rather than entering the lane kms. ahead of the merging spot (ie. Bridge hill).

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