“Now, I’m not a good liar. It’s her fault for not asking for a CarProof or ICBC vehicle history report…”

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I was itching to sell another car. I‘d spent my first cash quickly. The new TV looked great in my living room.

So I scrounged the dealer lots in my neighbourhood. I found the perfect car at a small dealership not far from my house.

Gray with four doors. Everything was still intact, but it was priced low. The dealer gave me the car’s history right away. It had been in three accidents over its lifetime. Nothing too major, but damage was done and repaired.

I couldn’t spot the repairs. So, I happily bought it and registered it.

I didn’t want my wife and kids to know what I was up to, so I parked it around the block. I knew it would be gone in a few days.

This time, I used Kijiji and Craigslist.

“Car for sale. Served me well, but wife wants a new car. Accident and damage free. Looking to sell fast, low price. Cash only. Call cell for info.”

I got a text message from a woman across town. I told her I’d meet her at a nearby gas station and would throw in a free tank of gas. She was thrilled.


*What is a Curber? – An individual posing as a private seller, but selling vehicles for profit as a business.  A curber often misrepresents the history and condition of a vehicle.  Curbers offer none of the protections the law provides for purchases from a Vehicle Sales Authority licensed dealer.

(Check it out online: WatchOutForWalt.com)


When I met her, she told me that she needed a cheap, dependable vehicle to get to her new job. She’d been taking the bus for weeks and was tired of her commute.

To my annoyance, she wanted to check the vehicle thoroughly. So I distracted her. I told her I was sad to let “my baby” go, but I wanted to keep my wife happy. She nodded sympathetically.

As she handed me the money, she asked if the vehicle was in any accidents.

Now, I’m not a good liar. So I simply said, No. It’s her fault for not asking for a CarProof or ICBC vehicle history report.

That seemed to do it. She was pleased and drove away with a smile on her face. As for me, I went home with a fat wallet.

A few days later, I got a text:

“Got CarProof report. Three accidents?!?!? Need money back now!!!”

I panicked. But not for long.

I was getting good at this. I just got a new cell number. She didn’t know my name – that old fake ID worked great. And she had no idea where I lived. Finding me would wear her out.

I was in the clear. But will I be so lucky next time?


Check it out online: WatchOutForWalt.com

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The Vehicle Sales Authority of BC, CarProof Vehicle History Reports and ICBC are combining forces to help keep car buyers safe. Follow our series on Walt the Curber to learn how much you risk when you buy a used vehicle without proof of its history or condition. The price of buying a car from a curber can turn out to be much higher if you have nowhere to turn. Learn what you can do to protect yourself.

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