“More than nine million gas-electric hybrid cars are now in service globally – Toyota-made vehicles account for eight million of them.”

KM allnew Prius

Toyota believes the fourth generation Prius is destined to break into new markets with what it describes as ground breaking environmental performance, technological advances and a new design.

More than nine million gas-electric hybrid cars are now in service globally – Toyota-made vehicles account for eight million of them and the Prius makes up half of Toyota’s total.

Environmental performance alone is no longer enough to make a car stand out in a now-crowded segment, so Toyota rebuilt the Prius from the ground up. The result is a sleeker, sportier form, refined interior, advanced safety functions and promised sportier drive.

Some noteworthy improvements can be found in the seating. In order to minimize discomfort during long drives, front seats feature improved frames and cushion bolstering which provides a ‘snug’ fit and chiropractic control. The seatback springs have been moved rearward for optimal occupant posture and, as a result, pressure on the lower part of the pelvis is reduced and dissipated broadly, thereby alleviating stress on the lower back and muscles. The cushioning in the rear seats has also been optimized, with the seating area widened to mirror the improved comfort of the front seats.

The Prius retains its 1.8-litre VVT-i equipped Atkinson cycle gas engine but it has been completely re-engineered. More details will be released soon.

The all-new Prius will go on display from next week at the Tokyo Motor Show and goes on sale in Japan in December. Global launch dates should follow shortly after.

“Even when I decided to put my foot down (and that was often) I still averaged 4.9L/100km combined.” (more…)

“The Chuckanut is a stretch of road that demands a cautious, easy on the gas pedal, driving style – just as a Hybrid does!” (more…)

“Finding that ‘perfect for you’ used Prius up can be a challenge… but well worth the effort.” 

Toyota Prius 2010

Toyota’s Prius is the most successful hybrid-powered vehicle ever produced and it already had more than a million owners worldwide when a reworked third generation Prius was introduced for the 2010 model year.

In addition to even better fuel economy and performance, this Prius is also quieter and a little roomier inside. It can run longer distances in its pure electrical power mode and its four driving modes allow a driver choose a desired level of motive power and fuel-efficiency. (more…)

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