The much-loved CBS comedy “Green Acres” featured a then-new red 1967 Ford Bronco as the official vehicle of scatter-brained county agent Hank Kimball…

RS Blues Brothers

Vintage pickups and SUVs are among the hottest things in the collector car world.

Not surprisingly, they are also popular on the big and small screen. Here are five fine examples.

1. 1973 Ford F-250 (The Blues Brothers) (Photo above)

After stiffing the proprietor of Bob’s Country Bunker on a huge bar tab, Jake and Elwood Blues take off in the Bluesmobile with “The Good Ole Boys” — the country and western act that they’d impersonated at said bar — in hot pursuit. Love the shot of two of the angry musicians in costume glaring out of the front windows of the camper shell, just before the truck winds up on its side.

RS Green Acres

2. 1967 Ford Bronco (Green Acres)

The much-loved CBS comedy featured a then-new red 1967 Ford Bronco as the official vehicle of scatter-brained county agent Hank Kimball, usually seen driven around Hooterville and the Douglas farm (minus doors and top).  For most of its run, “Green Acres” was sponsored by the Ford Motor Company, so the Bronco’s frequent appearances were no surprise.

RS Dazed and Confused

3. 1972 Chevrolet C-10 (Dazed and Confused)

The 1993 Richard Linklater high school cult classic that was set in the mid-1970s featured what appeared to be a 1972 Chevy C-10 pickup in Cheyenne trim.  It was driven by paddle-wielding upper-classman Benny O’Donnell (played by Cole Hauser), who freshmen encountered at their peril.

RS Fast and the Furious

4. 1999 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning (The Fast and the Furious)

Lead actor Paul Walker drove this very special Ford pickup. Produced by Ford’s Special Vehicles Team, the 1999 Lightning featured a supercharged 5.4-litre V-8 that produced 360 hp. It was used as a parts getter in the first of the Fast and Furious movies.

RS Dukes of Hazzard

5. 1973 Ford F-100 (The Dukes of Hazzard)

Yeah, it’s a shock, there were pickup trucks featured in the “Dukes of Hazzard.” Uncle Jesse always seemed to have a semi-ratty white Ford pickup. Most of the time it was a ’73 F-100 but in early episodes, he could be seen with a 1968 Ford stepside pickup and in later ones, a late 1970s F-250.

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