B.C. tourism’s loss is the United States’ gain – with many saying cheaper gas in down south made it a more economical drive vacation destination…


Two thirds of BC residents say gas price increases have caused hardship in their household, according to a new Black Press/Insights West poll.

And 55 per cent of those polled say they now drive less than usual due to high gas prices. Gas taxes are too high say 85 per cent and 77 per cent claim they are unfair for 77.

A whopping 91 per cent assert drivers are gouged at the pump before long weekends.

Those comments were the results of a scientifically conducted poll but it remarkably reflects many sentiments expressed in response to our unscientific Question of the Week, which we posed before the long weekend. We asked if high gas prices would stall planned driving vacation plans and a massive 560 of you were moved to answer online. Specifically, we asked “Would a 10 cents per litre increase in the price of gas at the pump cause you to cancel a driving vacation?”

A categorical ‘no’ was the response from 131 readers, a similar number said ‘yes’ but most wavered, saying the increase would have to be more substantial or they might consider shortening their route or holiday’s duration.

Shawn, of Maple Ridge, set the tone for those undeterred by the assault on their wallet: “Money isn’t the main focus when it is a well-deserved vacation.”

Kay, of Coquitlam, warned: “I would not cancel . . . however I may change plans and go to the USA instead of Canada.”

Renay, of Richmond, said: “I would still take the vacation and just have to re-adjust the budget to include the increase.”

Alyssa, from Mission: “I have two young children and my husband and I are all about making wonderful memories for them. It would also be hard to tell a child that a vacation away has been cancelled due to the cost of gas.”

Raylene, of West Kelowna, would take the wheel: “My husband has got a heavy foot. I would still go but my driving would be at the speed limit. I might get better gas mileage if I go slower and not brake as much.”

Murray, in Vancouver, has some good advice: “I would minimize fuel consumption by keeping the car maintained, keep tire pressure at the optimum level, pack all luggage inside the car to reduce air drag, and not drive aggressively. The time to scrimp is during day-to-day use: don’t drive when you could walk or cycle.”

Debbie, in Abbotsford, claimed: “It’s cheaper now to fly to Vegas or California, than to drive.”

B.C. tourism’s loss is the United States’ gain; with many saying cheaper gas in down south made it a more economical drive vacation destination, even with the current inferior exchange rate.

Sandi, of Vancouver, said: “We cancelled our Christmas trip and will not be travelling this summer. . . . groceries are my first priority.”

Chris, in Aldergrove, stood alone with his comment: “I think we have some of the lowest gas prices in the world.”

Steve, of Port Alberni, pulled out his calculator: “A 1,000-km trip uses less than 100 litres (with an increase of 10 cents per litre) that’s $10 more. I would not tell my family we are cancelling for that amount!”

Rodney, of Vernon, also did some math: “A good modern vehicle can get a fuel economy of about 10L/100km (about 28MPG, for us old folks). So a 3,000 km driving vacation would cost $417 in gas at a price of $1.39, and the same trip would cost $447 in gas at $1.49.”

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Would a 10 cents per litre increase at the pump cause you to cancel a driving vacation?

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