Taking off on an end of summer road trip?

Make sure your vehicle is ready before you hit the open road. Check your engine oil, coolant levels and lights, and inspect your vehicle tires to make sure they’re in good condition and properly inflated.

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With summer plans often including more time on the road, make sure you assess your tires before a road trip. Check them regularly for air pressure and tread depth and always replace tires with bulges, cuts, or cracks.

Relatives, friends and caregivers often transport children in summer. By law, drivers are required to make sure all children under the age of 16 are secured appropriately to age and weight in a car seat, booster seat or seat belt. Ensure their seats or boosters go with them if they are travelling in someone else’s car.

Car crashes are the top cause of preventable deaths for young people in B.C.

With high school graduation just around the corner, make sure teenagers have a plan to get home safely from all of their graduation celebrations and parties.

Police across the province are targeting high-risk driving behaviours in May.

Speeding and following too closely are high-risk driving behaviours that increase your risk of a crash. If you’re taking a road trip with family or friends this weekend, drive safely.

Drives-U-Crazy-Logo (1)A potentially bad head day seems to be preferable to a bad hair day for many cyclists. Helmetless cyclists appear to outnumber those that don head protection this spring.

What drives-u-crazy?

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Every day there are situations where you need to yield to another vehicle, motorcyclist, pedestrian or cyclist. Failing to yield may seem harmless but it’s a high-risk driving behaviour that leads to crashes.

When turning left, don’t let pedestrians be your blind spot.

Crashes involving motorcyclists increase in summer. If you’re a driver waiting to make a left turn, look for oncoming motorcycles and yield right of way. If you’re a rider, protect yourself from serious injuries – wear an approved helmet and safety gear designed for riding.

Drives-U-Crazy-Logo (1)Spring is in the air and already the first sighting has been made of a helmet-less cyclist pedalling at high speed over a pedestrian crossing before cutting back dangerously into the curbside lane.

What drives-u-crazy?

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An average of six youths are killed and 1,660 injured in crashes during grad season (April to June) in B.C. Car crashes are the top cause of preventable deaths for young people in B.C.

If you have teenagers, ensure they have a safe ride to and from grad festivities.

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