Taking off on an end of summer road trip?

Make sure your vehicle is ready before you hit the open road. Check your engine oil, coolant levels and lights, and inspect your vehicle tires to make sure they’re in good condition and properly inflated.

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One thought on “ICBC Safety Tip: Road Trippin? Check Your Vitals First!

    Rudy Hiebert says:

    Rhetorical question: Is it safe to assume that people just pack up their trunks and head out at this time of year without doing at least as you suggest? I crank it up a notch and say that “changing gears” should be ie. “change your mind and not your oil” concept. In other words, changing to synthetic protects your vehicle from premature wear during such a trip, ie. cold temperature starts and/or hotter than normal conditions, as you would experience driving south. By “changing your mind…” I also mean that using synthetic offers reduced oil change intervals compared to petroleum based oils. If reducing operation and maintenance expenses isn’t enough, at least you’ve reduced the environmental impact compared to using petroleum based oils.

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