“I have seen trucks and vans with upwards of $50,000 worth of equipment lying on the floor without any real security.”

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If you leave your vehicle with your tools or valuables in it for just a moment and you might as well advertise free equipment for the taking.

At job sites, fences have to be erected to keep people out and many end up hiring security guards so crooks can’t get at the valuable building products at night.

Despite the level of awareness for the need for tighter security at building sites, too often it doesn’t extend to the vehicles used to transport the valuable equipment and materials.

I have seen trucks and vans with upwards of $50,000 worth of equipment lying on the floor without any real security.

People that drive open bed pickup trucks have a real challenge when it comes to security.

You can buy a canopy and secure it that way, but sometimes you need to carry large and unusual shape objects and the rear gate of most canopies are not designed to be left open while driving.

There are a few ways you can solve this problem. One way is to install a permanent toolbox that mounts to the rails of your truck box, and has either two lids or one large lid that opens from either side or back to front. These toolboxes are available in plastic, steel, and aluminum.

I recommend steel or aluminum, which will cost you between $550 and $850. This type of toolbox works well for people that carry smaller amount of tools and supplies around.

If you transport larger amounts of these items, then I suggest a job-site box, which is a large container that can be left at a job site. They are very secure and come in a variety of sizes.

Van drivers can outfit their vehicles with shelving units down one or both sides. These also come in differing sizes and configurations enabling you to tailor them to your specific needs.

You can also incorporate small parts bins to organize fittings and larger ones to house small tools – they will keep your stuff from rolling around on the floor.

You should also think about installing a steel bulkhead partition behind the driver seat, because I have seen tools launch themselves like missiles toward the driver as the vehicle comes to a sudden stop.

Actually, it’s not really a matter of choice because Worksafe BC requires companies to install these protective barriers in commercial vehicles.

To secure a van from intruders you can buy what’s called a hasp-n-lock. This type of lock is a puck style lock with two plates of steel around it. When installed correctly, it is almost impossible to remove and keeps your tools and equipment safe. It is available at most locksmiths and costs about $175.

One more idea is to install window screens to prevent any smash and grabs from happening. It sounds like a lot of work, but remember, it just takes a split second and everything is gone.

Be proactive instead of reactive and stop crime before it happens.

For a good overview of what is available in toolboxes, van shelving and bulkheads check out www.knaacksecure.com.

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