“You value time together more when you’re all doing something that you all love. As a full-time working mom, I’m so grateful we have riding as a common bond.”

With the distractions of technology, smartphones, television programming, life, video games and more, it can be tough to find an activity in which the whole family can participate let alone enjoy.

Age differences between children, gender, and general interests can vary greatly.

My brother and I couldn’t be more opposite. Rest assured, there is hope and some of it comes in the form of two wheels.

Scott Ponuick, marketing and promotions manager at Popkum Motor Park, in Rosedale, raced snowmobiles and ATVs as a child. And he road raced for many years of his life.

He also grew up around the racetrack as his father raced stock cars.

You could say motor oil runs through his veins and that motor oil has since been passed to his family.

He mentions: “Before we had kids, I bought Christine (his wife) a bike; a Honda XR 86,” since she showed interest in the sport.

For all the time that Christine cheered on her husband, it was time for her to get in her own saddle. He fixed it up and it ran like new. She loved it.

She explains: “It was fun watching him, but I’d rather be out there too!”

Not too long after that, Christine became pregnant with their first child.

“Before she (Taylor) was even born, we started talking about what bike we should get her and getting gear ready for her for when she was old enough,” Christine says.

By the time Taylor was two years old she was on two wheels. With training wheels, of course.

Then again, you could argue that she was on two wheels much before then because the only way she’d fall asleep as a baby was when her dad would ride her around the back yard in a harness.

“She always wanted to get on the bike,” Christine recounts. “Taylor always wanted daddy to take her around.”

Now that Taylor is six and her little brother, Chase, is three, they both can ride their own bikes and have a blast doing it.

At home, the kids are on Oset electric trials bikes. They don’t make any noise so they can play in the back yard until the batteries run out! There’s also a “throttle” modulator that makes sure the kids can’t get themselves into too much trouble.

Scott and Christine consider themselves very lucky because everyone in the family loves to get out onto the trails, even if they aren’t moving very quickly!

“It’s so cool to see Taylor and Chase progress,” says Scott.

Even though Scott’s employment brings him to Popkum Motor Park weekly, he said that he’d still take the kids on dirt bikes regardless.

“It’s such a great way to build motor skills, coordination, a love of the outdoors and you just create so many memories together.”

He talks about the families who come out to the Park. Moms, dads, and kids alike take to the track.

“There’s one family that comes to mind… I’ve watched the kids grow up over the last 12 years. For example, the dad and daughter will show up, and then they’ll turn laps together. And then they pull over and chat about their laps and the things they can work on.”

Christine comments: “You value time together more when you’re all doing something that you all love. As a full-time working mom, I’m so grateful we have riding as a common bond.”

Some might be concerned about safety when it comes to speed and kids. But like any other sport, with the proper equipment, training and supervision, dirt biking is quite safe. And did I mention fun?

“I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the day,” Christine remarks.

For more information on getting your kids (or yourself!) on two wheels, visit www.popkummotorpark.com

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