drive-u-crazy-logoSelf-appointed speed cops are danger to themselves and everybody else on the road…

We’ve all seen them in action: they stick themselves in the centre lane at the speed limit and will not move over to let anybody pass. It promotes impatience and frustration, which leads to smashes.

Leave speed enforcement to the cops. The real cops.

3 thoughts on “Drives-U-Crazy… Amateur Speed Cops

    Daisy says:

    OK. Have you ever had the thought that these people cannot afford to get a speeding ticket. Because yes driving 1 kmh over the speed LIMIT can result in receiving a speeding ticket. LIMIT = MAXIMUM Alot of drivers think they are capable of doing 20kmh over the limit but do they know the math: how much further distance they need to come to a SAFE stop?

    Don says:

    Vancouver island drivers continually drive the speed limit or slower in the passing lane and won’t pull over to let you pass. The big trucks do the same thing too.

    Donald says:

    Vancouver island drivers drive in the passing lanes at the speed limit or less and will not pull over to let you pass. The big trucks do it too?? This is very frustrating.

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